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Wed, Jun 26, 2019

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Join us in presenting the world with a different perspective
regarding the illuminati than what they've been exposed to thus far

When you purchase one of our t-shirt designs or make a donation to Project-Illuminati
Those funds

  • are put towards larger humanitarian endeavers
  • go towards building a Member Benefit Fund - that provides leadership courses and skills training (as a real world tangible benefit ) 
  • go towards building a Business Incubation Fund - that helps launch other member driven initiatives, businesses, and endeavors
  • also help to fund and grow this publication  


Our first fundraiser is a T-shirt

You will be able to purchase this shirt direct from Amazon
(just as soon as we get the account configured and the image / description uplaoded)

Golden Egyptian Shirt Design

 Theres a


Going Here


proj illu div


These are the humanitarian endeavors
that your donation helps to fund


We do not just provide funds to Warka Water - but plan to arrange for a small contingent of our members to physically go to remote locations and assist Warka Water in building these water towers. These members can then take the knowledge & skillsets they aqcuire back with them and use it to assist / train others. (it's a win-win situation for everyone!)

Farmers have the potential to play a key role in helping to reduce hunger and poverty. A majority of people in the developing world provide for their families and communities through small-scale agriculture. One Acre Fund helps farmers boost their farming productivity—increasing harvest per acre, sales, and income. The nonprofit provides farmers with start up financing, seeds and fertilizer, agricultural training, and market facilitation to help maximize profit.

One Acre Fund currently serves farmers based in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi and Malawi. In 2017, One Acre Fund served more than 500,000 farm families throughout East Africa. The organization is on track to reach 1 million farmers by 2020.



This is how we allocate funds


Paypal takes approximately ONE THIRD of every donation.
They chanrge 2.9% + 0.30 cents USD per transaction - for processing and handling.
That's 0.33 cents out of every dollar! 


It's the same when you purchase one of our shirts.
Selling thru Amazon FBA allows us to keep our business costs to a minimum - with the down side being that we do not make as much per shirt (we only make around $8 USD per shirt).

The remainder of what you pay is split between the vender (who prints the shirt) and Amazon (who collects a transaction fee). Shipping costs are added onto the final cost of a shirt. We have done our best to select marketplace regions so that shipping costs to you are greatly reduced.


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Positions TBA Soon

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