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Tue, May 21, 2019

“Global Unification is part of our utopian vision for the advancement of humanity. A new world order of the ages”. This is an excerpt found in the Illuminati’s Globalist Agenda.

It's no secret that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Illuminati as an organisation. Many who are seekers and do not yet understand the core essence and vision of Illuminati believe that it’s primary mandate is to control the world and eliminate all those who seek to threaten or cause an imbalance in their “evil agenda”. Well, this is not the truth at all. For instance, let us take a glimpse at the Illuminati’s alignment to globalism and unification.

September marks an important month as the United Nations has declared the 21st of September, the International Day of Peace and the 26th September to be the International day of total elimination of nuclear weapons. One would really say that these days are totally aligned with the Illuminati’s Globalist Agenda. The Illuminati aims to promote a unified planet and an end to millennia of wars. This means the promotion of the total eradication of nuclear weapons not only the banning of testing of such weapons. After all; once peace reins amongst us all and we are unified, no weapons will be needed. Conflicts that may arise between nations and individuals may be resolved in a peaceful engagement. This may also be achieved with the realisation that there is enough resources for all humans to experience a life of abundance and comfort.


Therefore we can safely say
that the Illuminati supports world peace

It has been 70 years since the universal declaration of human rights ~ the right to peace was established. 57 years since 50 000 women took to the streets during the cold war in a protest against nuclear weapons. 73 years since diplomats, scientists, and the general public alike have been debating the nuclear weapons policy. 63 years since the Russell-Einstein manifesto for the peaceful resolutions to international conflict was issued by Sir Bertrand Russell and endorsed by many scientists, including Sir Albert Einstein. & 60 years since the petition signed by 11 000 scientists to end the test of nuclear weapons was presented before the United Nations by Sir Linus Paulin who later received the noble prize for peace.

Now, having noted all the above, the question remains. Is our world ready for the total eradication of such weapons? Are our world leaders ready to forgo their power, and differences for the greater good of humanity? Are we ready to create a better world with total unification and eradication of war. Are we ready to work tirelessly towards achieving this goal?

Let us take a moment and do some introspection as to how we (individually) will contribute toward the unification of all humans in all places. And how we will contribute towards world peace.

One way of achieving this is through empowering ourselves with knowledge and promoting literacy. Because as we know it. Illiteracy may lead to many social ills. Therefore let us remember that the 8th of September marks an important day in the United Nation’s calendar as the international literacy day. So, why not grab a book and start reading to boost our knowledge and share what we read with others. While at it, may the book you chose be the Illumatiam 1st Testament to learn more about the Illuminati as an organisation, its believes and tenets.

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