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Tue, May 21, 2019

In The Lime Lite!

Followers of the Illuminatiam are passionate about success and we are exposing our elite members who've proven themselves as the leaders and light workers of this planet. Those who serve and dedicate their souls to striving towards perfecting their craft and contributing toward the advancement of the human species as is the goal of the Illuminatiam.

BBFIn our 1st launch edition, we bring you an exclusive interview with an acclaimed actor from Ghana, Abdul Razak [aka: President of BBF Multimedia]. Let's hear it from our very own fellow brother of the light and hope you find your zeal and motivation through this interview.

Proj-Illu:  Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born and raised?

BBF:  I'm Abdul Razak known as BBF and I was Born & Raised in Ghana ??  Accra I'm a fairly cool guy and love to do whatever makes me happy. 

Proj-Illu: Please tell us about your media production house: BBF Multimedia. When was it established and how has the journey been for you?

BBF:  BBF Multimedia was established in 2016 and it has not been easy.

Proj-Illu: Tell us about your new film: 1Hour to the Wedding (You may kiss the bride goodbye).

BBF:  Actually 1Hour to the Wedding is not my movie, That honor belongs to KOBI RANA. I only played a role in it.

Proj-Illu:  Does your production house have any social responsibility initiatives that you're working on?

BBF:  For sure! I would love to come back and share it after the project get a little farther along.

Proj-Illu:  We would absolutely love that!

Proj-Illu:  What inspired you to be on media industry?

BBF:  I believe that, I was born to be in the industry.

Proj-Illu:  Do you find it to be worth all your effort you've put in so far?

BBF:  It's still a fairly new production house and I'm working on things, but they are coming along. 

Proj-Illu:  Have you encountered any challenges in this journey and how did you resolve them?

BBF:  Definately! You face a lot of challenges in the business worl, but you can only make it if you dont give up.

Proj-Illu:  Does you production house have any specific target market or do you produce generic films across all audience?

BBF:  Not yet, but we're on a track to take over and be known all over the world.

Proj-Illu:  If you were to rule the world for a day, what would you change?

BBF:  The Street Boys & Girls would have gotten something better to do and to take care of themselves and take care of their family, Because that is the only thing that can bring peace and crime won't happen.

Proj-Illu:  How do you cope with being a celebrity?

BBF:  It's cool but it can also be rather stressful sometimes.

Proj-Illu:  What's your daily inspiration?

BBF:  As long as we breath we should never give up and if you wanna create wealth you gotta stop making excuses.

Proj-Illu:  What has been your best memories and encounters in life?

BBF:  Best Memories are when I'm on set.

Proj-Illu:  What's your ideal holiday destination?

BBF:  I have to say "Miami".

Proj-Illu:  How has your life changed through your enlightenment and following the Light?

BBF:  Actually I will say is how that things have really start moving along for us.

Proj-Illu:  Lastly, what advice would you give to fellow followers of the Illuminatiam with regards to wanting fame and riches within a blink of an eye yet not work for it?

BBF:  Nothing comes easily - so they should just be calm and be faithful to the light. The light is the only One who will help them get to the top. Just remain calm and keep perservering, and they will make it.

Well, there you've heard it from the President and found your inspiration. Look out for the next issue as we interview more of our brothers and sisters who are in the lime lite.

Peace Out ? 

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