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Tue, May 21, 2019

Scam Roadsigns

A few years ago I met and fell in love with this highly charismatic and charming man. He lived in a luxurious estate and drove high breed SUVs and sports cars alike. Spent majority of his days living in luxury hotels etc. When I met him, he told me that his business was not doing too well as his clients were not paying him, from time to time, he would ask me to assist him financially e.g he would ask for $1 000 USD and I would assist with questions asked. Before I knew it, he had borrowed almost $16 000 USD, I discovered that he owned no such businesses as he has mentioned and he had disappeared. For four months I never saw him until one day when he came in a lesser appealing look showing that things had been rough for him. But once more I let him in because the heart can easily betray one.

Later on an incident occurred that led me to calling it quits but with the help of the woman I had met and started a sisterhood/motherhood relationship with who called herself a healer in all matter of life. I confided in her and found comfort in her words which always seemed to give me hope. I visited her in what was supposedly her house and temple for prayers and for a consultation where she charged me I’d say around $400 USD. She used to support me, call me, ask me about my children and how concerned she is about them, do prayers with me, massage me to help me relax. She even told me that I will find a better man who will value me. You know, she was good to me. She became like a real sister to me. Meanwhile she was also a scammer. That works as a syndicate in this way. As she knew my story with the other man who had scammed me. She got one of her colleagues to approach me declaring love cause she knew I was alone and would like a bit of attention and this man just showered me with that attention and beyond. This man is what I now believe is who they used as their inside man who gets all the personal information on what I was doing. I really thought that he loved me although later realised that it was not so.

Each time I had a problem, my “new found sister” would tell me things that this man would do later to make me happy and he would do exactly that. e.g she would say, the spirits say that he will call you on Friday and for sure it would be like that. Now, I realise that it was because she would then tell him to call me on that Friday. So, it made it seem like she’s a genuine spiritual healer and I gained more trust in her. Later on I had a substantial amount of money and planned to visit this man. She got furious; said before my visit, I consult with her and to cleanse me and my money because I have had a bad experience with men. And starting a life with this one mustn’t blind me financially. With the fear and doubts that she had instilled in me, I went and paid her a visit. She actually sent me around $200 USD although I had money.

When I got there, we did prayers as usual. She massaged me, bought me food and I was not hungry so I didn’t eat and I somehow now believe the food might have been poisoned but I didn’t eat. The following day she got one her “drivers” to take me to the banking centre to withdraw a certain amount of money for that ritual (around $30 000 USD) that had to be done. I did as she said and went to her house/temple with the money but I later realised that she switched the package I had my money in when I was there in her house and she has also disappeared.

And now, how this plays out is that. I believe that they were using that man who supposedly loved me and wanted to us to get married to get more info on me and my personal things. While she would act like a sister who offers me moral, spiritual and emotional support. And I am with the view that that man’s purpose was what to see what my moves will be once I realise that she had stolen from me. He was more like their inside man because shortly after; all changed and he too was gone.

My thoughts around this is that I am one of those few who are fortunate enough and able to rise beyond any hurdle. But that is just lessons we grasp as we grow in life and experience these tragedies balanced with joy of-course. Now, what about all those other women and men alike who are scammed in this way and need to be cautious to not love blindly.

So, the scammer syndicate is rife and wider than one can imagine. Not only under the banner of Illuminati, but in many facets. Our sisters and brothers need to be vigilant when coming to trusting people they hardly know even if they meet them in person.

Know the signs because they will always be there but we tend to cast them aside. Trust your 1st instinct and intuition and let your inner compass lead your way to the path of greatness and success and not detriment.

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