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Tue, May 21, 2019

Mainman, a young initiate with a drive for success!

From Cameroon to South Africa, in our quest to celebrate the Illuminati Initiates Artists, we met up with one of the young vibrant musicians from Moretele, a small village outside Hammaskraal. For 15 years Thomas Mainman Zwane has been steered by his passion for success in the musical arts and it sure has made him rise above hindrances he's encountered along the way. Coming from a small village where there's less opportunities, he never allowed his circumstances to dim his vision and paralize his dreams.

Meet   the MainmanWhat I've learned through my interaction with him is that we determine how successful our journey will be regardless of the upheavals we encounter in our lives. And that, passion should remain our critical driving force as it keeps us pushing during times of great challenges. 

Here's what Mainman had to say
during our interview with him

Proj-Illu : Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Mainman : I love life and all the good in it and I'm a big dreamer with no limits.

Proj-Illu : As a young artist in SA, what inspired you to enter this industry?

Mainman : I grew up in a family that played music a lot and got hooked to their tunes, then i heard hip hop and the artist in me was born.

Proj-Illu : How long have been in the industry?

Mainman : 2003 was the start for me learning to write, compose then rap, so i grew from there and after a while I became good at it.

Proj-Illu : How has this journey been for you?

Mainman : It's been good though I almost gave it up because reality was louder than the dream but before that happened, I thought hard and the passion within me kept burning stronger. I then got encouraged by the people who showed me and told me that they love what I do and I'm touching them.

Mainman: driven to succeed!Proj-Illu : As a follower of the Illuminatiam, what would you like to see happen to empower young artists like yourself?

Mainman :  Good promotions and support.

Proj-Illu : How has been an initiate of the Illuminati transformed your path to enlightenment?

Mainman : Well, I now see things in a different light and it's aided me to keep positive at all times.

Proj-Illu : Tell us a little about the challenges you've faced and how you've overcome them.

Mainman : In all of them I never took them to heart, that way I'm not bothered and I move on quickly.

Proj-Illu : What is your daily motivation?

Mainman : Always having my goals in mind with a mission to archive them.

Proj-Illu : Do you ever use the Illuminations as your point of reference and guide?

Mainman : Yes I do. As regular as possible.

Proj-Illu : Where would you like to see yourself in your musical path and as an initiate within the next 2 years?

Mainman : Doing very well, selling out shows and albums, known across the world and very successful.

Proj-Illu : Why do you think loyalty is an important part of our journey as initiates?

Mainman : There won't be growth without loyalty, so it is very important to keep loyal.

Proj-Illu : Any words of encouragement that you'd like to share?

Mainman : It won't break you if it did not make you.


Well there we've heard it from the horses mouth! If this young man's words of power don't give you a nudge in the right direction and keep you ampt up to strive for success, then I sure don't know what will.

Be sure to show your support and follow him on facebook by name Matimesi Thomas Zwane


Remember to surround yourself with people who will see the good in you because at times, it is those people who will lift you up during days where you find less motivation to keep going.

Love and Light


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