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Wed, Jun 26, 2019

List of positions that link to job description / requirements

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▲ POSITION  •  Content Writer 

▲ POSITION  •  Vlogger 

▲ POSITION  •  Joomla Programmer 

▲ POSITION  •  Fundraising Liason / Coordinator 

▲ POSITION  •  Puzzle Maester 

▲ POSITION  •  Video Editor 

▲ POSITION  •  Investigative Reporter 

▲ POSITION  •  Investigative Videographer 



Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Project-Illuminati.  We’re thrilled that so many terrific people believe in what we do. 

Join a remarkable organization and community that is making a difference, setting a new standard, and innovating on every front. Project-Illuminati is staffed largely with skilled volunteers dedicated to elevating public awareness and fostering a more vigorous, robust, and active community..

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Ishtar Inanna
Chandra Wood

Editorial Staff:

Positions TBA Soon

Promotions Team

Positions TBA Soon

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