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Sat, Feb 23, 2019

“Global Unification is part of our utopian vision for the advancement of humanity. A new world order of the ages”. This is an excerpt found in the Illuminati’s Globalist Agenda.

It's no secret that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Illuminati as an organisation. Many who are seekers and do not yet understand the core essence and vision of Illuminati believe that it’s primary mandate is to control the world and eliminate all those who seek to threaten or cause an imbalance in their “evil agenda”. Well, this is not the truth at all. For instance, let us take a glimpse at the Illuminati’s alignment to globalism and unification.

September marks an important month as the United Nations has declared the 21st of September, the International Day of Peace and the 26th September to be the International day of total elimination of nuclear weapons. One would really say that these days are totally aligned with the Illuminati’s Globalist Agenda. The Illuminati aims to promote a unified planet and an end to millennia of wars. This means the promotion of the total eradication of nuclear weapons not only the banning of testing of such weapons. After all; once peace reins amongst us all and we are unified, no weapons will be needed. Conflicts that may arise between nations and individuals may be resolved in a peaceful engagement. This may also be achieved with the realisation that there is enough resources for all humans to experience a life of abundance and comfort.


Therefore we can safely say
that the Illuminati supports world peace

It has been 70 years since the universal declaration of human rights ~ the right to peace was established. 57 years since 50 000 women took to the streets during the cold war in a protest against nuclear weapons. 73 years since diplomats, scientists, and the general public alike have been debating the nuclear weapons policy. 63 years since the Russell-Einstein manifesto for the peaceful resolutions to international conflict was issued by Sir Bertrand Russell and endorsed by many scientists, including Sir Albert Einstein. & 60 years since the petition signed by 11 000 scientists to end the test of nuclear weapons was presented before the United Nations by Sir Linus Paulin who later received the noble prize for peace.

Now, having noted all the above, the question remains. Is our world ready for the total eradication of such weapons? Are our world leaders ready to forgo their power, and differences for the greater good of humanity? Are we ready to create a better world with total unification and eradication of war. Are we ready to work tirelessly towards achieving this goal?

Let us take a moment and do some introspection as to how we (individually) will contribute toward the unification of all humans in all places. And how we will contribute towards world peace.

One way of achieving this is through empowering ourselves with knowledge and promoting literacy. Because as we know it. Illiteracy may lead to many social ills. Therefore let us remember that the 8th of September marks an important day in the United Nation’s calendar as the international literacy day. So, why not grab a book and start reading to boost our knowledge and share what we read with others. While at it, may the book you chose be the Illumatiam 1st Testament to learn more about the Illuminati as an organisation, its believes and tenets.

A Chat with V ~

"Princess V" LogoWe're here with V (Ivy Taroc), aka: “Princess V”
discussing I-Mrk Radio™, some of the changes we go thru as we progress along this journey, and what it's like to be the only Initiate (so far anyway) to have achieved L1.1

Proj-Illu:  We asked V ~ to provide us with a brief synopsis of her journey so far.

V ~ :  First of all, I want to thank you ladies for including me in the launch of your new publication! I was already excited to watch Project-Illuminati take flight, and soar... so to be sitting in the backseat here as you test drive your 'baby', is really an honor. Thank you both so much!

My journey leading up to the base of the Illuminati's Pyramid was a bit like wandering in the wilderness with a lot of really heavy luggage. I was literally running around in the wild without any well thought out direction at all. Often feeling as if I was being blown about by unseen winds. I seemed to go from pillar to post like a tumble weed covered in tinsel, broken bulbs, and inadequate lighting. I wandered around for so long, I ended up having to ditch the baggage and the burnt out bulbs I was draped in... in order to keep going.

However, I can tell you my primary mental focus was always on spiritual things. I had a true heart for seeking out divine knowledge. One might even say I was stalking god relentlessly... when I wasn't resting in the absolute mystery of it. That part was a constant for me, regardless of where I roamed. I actually wanted to be a Tel-Evangelist at one point. But as time progressed, I discovered I had researched my way out of all things 'religious', and what I was left with was pretty much godless and dreamless as a result.

As it is with most Initiates, hindsight allowed me can easily see that everything I experienced prior to arriving at IAM's doorstep, was by design. I absolutely KNEW I had found the 'real deal' when my long dead dreams were resurrected as a result of their writings. Everything I have done since meeting them, is a love song of profound gratitude and loyalty ~


Proj-Illu:  I-Mrk Radio™... Your vision for this endeavor. How did it come about? What were some of the growing pains it experienced? What do you hope to accomplish with it? And where you see it going in the future?

V ~ :  The journey to I-Mrk™ actually began with Council 22. It was something we started as a team, and wanted to do all along... but just couldn't seem to get it going.

imark radio 2aWe really wanted to shine a spotlight on the artistic Initiates from the creation of C22. After our attempts to hold a Festival fell through, Amber Jewel and I tried to get it going yet again - but it was not timed out right and became a full blown fiasco. I cannot think back to that early stage of progress and not laugh out loud. We were put through a kind of virtual hell, both by fellow members as well as Initiates who were supposed to be "helping" us. So we shelved the project it for awhile.
There were actually many attempts to bring I-Mrk™ to life.

When I finally had I-Mrk™ in my sights, my partner/associate at the time decided to go MIA. I was left scrambling to pull it all together a mere 5 days before it was supposed to launch. This and a series of other let downs from various people have taught me the value of having a back up plan with this crowd. Even well meaning and industrious people sometimes have issues with follow through. The ship wouldn't fully sink (it just wound up leaking a bit).

That is when Christine Cruz stepped in and stepped UP. She literally saved the day. If it wasn't for her and her ability to quickly respond in a crisis, I-Mrk Radio™ would still crawling and not walking upright.


Proj-Illu:  Quick update on C22... We see that you have turned over the reigns of C22 and stepped down. Most of us in the Member's Portal thought this was going to be 'your baby' permanently. Would you mind breaking that down for us?

V ~ :  Contrary to popular belief, C22 was never created for my own personal glory. It would be more accurate to say that I used my unique position to unite other Initiates who were wanting to help bring much needed order, to a chaotic situation. It was always my intention to move on to other projects once it stabilized. Most do not realize that I turned C22 over completely when Richard Scherer (aka Papa Fred) took the helm in January of this year (2018). I've been serving on the Apex Advisory Board since, strictly as a mentor/advisor when needed.

Trust me when I say, Papa didn't need my input! (V laughs). Neither does their current Capstone CEO Christine Cruz (aka Nikki Cee!) I tried to step down entirely, but Brad Adams (head of the Anti-fraud Dept for C22) pointed out I couldn't just bounce, as I had more than earned the right to be on Apex. So I've chosen a completely INACTIVE ROLE that allows me to focus on I-Mrk™ and on myself”.


Proj-Illu:  Those of us who only came into the Member's Portal when it reopened last year are interested to know what differences there are between what things were like for members who were involved in Illuminatiam before July 2017

V ~ :  To my knowledge, there were no official forums/portals for Initiates prior to July 2017. Thankfully I was invited to a secret FB room, along with a dozen or so others, and that served as a great touchstone for me. That initial group is still quite close, though largely inactive since the Members Portal opened. I cannot speak to the experience of others, but it was a quite a lonely journey for me overall. At least it was up until The Illuminati brought us together and provided us with our own community.


Proj-Illu:  What one piece of advice might you want to leave our readers with?

V ~ :  I encourage the Initiates to recognize this is an initiation process, and that they can absolutely count on being challenged with hardship, six ways to Sunday ~

Folks can find supporting evidence regarding the importance of hardships in Illuminatiam. My favorite at is at the end of page 119 and top of 120.

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