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Sat, Feb 23, 2019

Taking a closer look at the Illuminations

“A Crown Golden in show is but a wreath of thorns”  By John Milton

Leadership is a Crown of ThornsWell, lets take a look at this illumination and dissect it a little bit. You see a crown looks beautiful and shiny from afar... even from he or she wearing it. However, those looking at things from afar do not see or know that the crown is seated perfectly there because of the thorns which support & hold it in place. Our dear Sister iVy Taroc mentions this in her personal blog - The Real Cost of Following the Illuminati.

The Illuminatiam cares for things and humans who are of high value to contribute toward the goal of preserving and protecting the human species. Those who are of value are those who are able to withstand the pain of the thorns as they sit upon their heads during the phase of initiation to prove their worthiness. As we understand the word initiation, according to Google Dictionary is “The action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual

Now, because the initiation has been opened to the global public, and there are NO physical Illuminati Agents anywhere in the world beside in the Headquarters that we all know of, NO CITIZEN INITIATE will undergo any ritual beside the Eternal Oath reciting upon signing (A powerful ritual if your intent is in the right frequency and you know what you’re committing yourself to).

Upon conducting your 2 prerequisites, we are told clearly that we are now undergoing prerequisite 3, which means that they will watch our actions closely as we all know that The All Seeing Eye, sees ALL. Your initiation will commence mostly with excitement at first that you have finally found the light and then once you have committed to your loyalty then the real life tests begins. The real practical initiation begins. There will come a time where you hit rock bottom and that moment will be your defining moment between your ability to lead or not. Your ability to show the way or not. Many of my dear brothers and sisters have suffered a great deal in many different and unique ways to them and so have I. Oh, I have suffered my fair share but like I was groomed/taught by the Illuminati to rise like a Lion or rather a phoenix in my case because I had burnt to ashes but I rose above all odds, I am still recovering as I type this. I still feel the blow but I also understood that it was all part of the universal design to engrave my sculp and instil the wreath of thorns so that when the time comes; the crown will be better and accurately positioned.

I hope that all who are currently undergoing the hardships during this initiation process also understand that the is a need for hardships indeed and not to give up hope but rather prove themselves and keep pushing. The Light will always guide you to the right direction as much as it has led you here. You are part of the universal design indeed. Always remember that.

Peace, Love and Light!


An excerpt from the 1st Testament of the Illuminatiam on joining the Illuminati states “This form will add you to our list of potential candidates for illuminati membership… But understand the true responsibility of what you are undertaking. Once a ranking member, you can never renounce your loyalty nor can you abandon the responsibilities you will vow to your species… Do not fear if you are destined for power. The crown is too heavy for any but kings and queens to bear, though you know nothing of your true strength until it adorns you. https://illuminati.am/testament/ 

Helping the EarthThese words should mean something to us as initiates. We have sworn by the Eternal Oath and therefore denouncing our loyalty means going against the oath we entered into. According to my observations, loyalty is one aspect of our lives as initiates where we will be vastly tested on. I have noted some of our brothers and sisters losing family and or friendship by virtue off their association with the organisation simply because of lack of deeper understanding. I know this because I once lost love, he bluntly told me to chose between the Illuminati and him and I clearly chose my family the Illuminati. I did that without any regret. (He later asked for reconciliation saying that he no longer cares if I am an Illuminati member or not. But by then, it was pretty late). Oh, I also lost a best friend of mine but later reconciled and it might take a while for him to accept and hopefully get to be more enlightened as I share the knowledge I have acquired.

I believe that there will come a time where our loyalty will be heavily shaken and we will have to stand by our oath and vows no matter what. One of the reasons I also believe the pyramid gets narrower as it goes up is that; the higher we will level up, the fewer we will be and the more important will our loyalty be. Therefore we need to hold firm and remain calm and loyal. Remember that although your immediate surrounding may not support nor understand your chosen path. You will be the Light that will help illuminate theirs if we persists and follow the guidance provided to us by the Illuminati through the numerous literature they have put before us and mostly through the map they have crafted for us and the implementation thereof.

“Many refuse to see any good in those who disagree with them simply because their beliefs are different.” Will you remain loyal when the time comes? That’s a question that only an individual can answer but remember that mockery is weak when shouted through the bars of a cage.

Let’s stand firm and remain loyal.
Love and Light.


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