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Wed, Jun 26, 2019

Young Lion of the Illuminati

The music industry is one that comes with many obstacles as thousands of artists enter the market on an annual basis though many remain undiscovered. Penetrating this industry needs dedication and perseverance not to mention an overdose of charisma.

As our goal is to motivate and empower those who wish to be in the spotlight and get them revved up to claim their piece of the pie; we visited the Middle-Eastern African country of Zambia were a young artist by the name "Lil Pisergy" is taking up the industry by storm and shaking things up.

With just a little over a year of being in the industry, this artist has quite a charisma and we won't be surprised if he shares the stage with the likes of Davido in no time from now. 

During our interview with him this is what he had to say:

Lil Pisergy 1Proj-Illu:  What motivated you to follow a path in music?

Lil Pisergy:   The motive I have comes from those artist who inspired me to work hard on my talent, and it's only after I completed my secondary school that I decided to pursue my singing career, I started by composing my first song were I featured West Lanez titled "Am feeling alright" under the label MD classic records. The song went viral and a lot of people loved it which encouraged me to keep it up.


Proj-Illu:  Do you write your own lyrics?

Lil Pisergy:  Yes I do write my own lyrics. In my free time I always write nothing but music.
Am so committed to my pen & paper 'cause I know that the couple of rhymes I will write will definitely change my state.


Proj-Illu:  Tell us a little about your latest single that you're working on.

Lil Pisergy:  I released more hit songs like my recent successful track "My baby boo" where i featured a female upcoming artist (C Dollar) and another track "Tonight". Right now am working on my new single were I featured Legas Khada titled "Mutolalibona" which means wherever we go they are able to see us. And the song will be released soon. 

Proj-Illu:  Wow, that's fantastic it almost sound like a sound dedicated to the movement of the Illuminati. This is an epic title.


Proj-Illu:  How has the support from general public for your singles been?

Lil Pisergy:  The general public are really supportive of my songs. I keep on grinding to build a huge fan base. 


Proj-Illu:  Do you believe that you're able to penetrate through the market?

Lil Pisergy:  I believe that I'm steadily making an impact and I'll surely penetrate this market that's the reason I don't quit. 

Proj-Illu:  What would you like to see more of within the arts of music?

Lil Pisergy:  I would like to see the change in the industry and i'll be the one to ensure we change the game. As time goes; every generation comes with its style so I make sure I will contribute to the change of the arts music. 

Lil Pisergy promo picProj-Illu:  How long have you been an initiate of the Illuminati?

Lil Pisergy:  I have been an initiate of the illuminate for a year now. 

Proj-Illu:  How has being an initiate contributed towards your own personal journey?

Lil Pisergy:  I have learnt a lot since I became an initiate. I've been lingering in darkness but communicating with other initiates the information and truth about illuminati which I have found really opened my eyes. My third eye is awakened. 

Proj-Illu:  What would you like to see happen through the Illuminati?

Lil Pisergy:  I would like to see the illuminati artist membership start considering those who sign-up on it's platform. I say so because ever since I signed on it I haven't received any feedback from them. I wonder why, but if this can happen illuminati music industry will grow big and those initiates who are musicians like me will be able to assist those who are under illusion very well so that they make it to the top. 

Proj-Illu:  What has been some of your greatest challenges and how have you overcome them?

Lil Pisergy:  My greatest challenge throughout my career has been financial, I've not yet overcome them but I'm hopeful that I will soon I have a lot of side hustles going on to help me make it. I recently joined a network marketing company and am looking to recruit a few individuals who are just as motivated to start earning big money as I am. Soon I will have financial freedom and all my dreams to become a super star will come to pass. Of this I have no doubt! 

Proj-Illu:  Any words of encouragement to fellow intiates who want to pursue a career in the arts?

Lil Pisergy:  My words to encourage my fellow initiates are to never give up on their talent no matter how people tell them that they can't make it, just work hard on it and one day it shall come to reality. Never give up even if some you started the journey with over take you just maintain your level best and believe that you will elevate too. Life is about ups and downs but when you get the downs never loose hope, look back at where you have been through, were you have passed through, you can still find the way. Good things are still coming your way. 

Proj-Illu:  Wow your energy is ozzing with character and zeal. We sure wish you an outstanding and successful music career. There's no doubt in my mind that you'll be one of the African sensations.

Lil Pisergy:  Thank you for your encouragement and for the interview. 


Wow, what an inspiring young man. I felt charged up as I interviewed him and wish I had such a drive when I was his age. To our readers and loyal followers of the Light, I hope you've also been inspired by the success and perseverance of this charming and charismatic artist.

Be sure to show your support and loyalty by liking his facebook page: "Lil Pisergy"
Check out one of his singles titled "My Baby Boo" at the following link.

Much Love and Light! 

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