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Wed, Jun 26, 2019

Publication Guidelines
For Member Submitted Articles

Thank you for considering to write for Project-Illuminati. Our intent is to give Initiates, Citizen Members, and higher a place to have their stories told and their voices heard, and to that end we will publish any article that conforms to the guidelines below.

Please read these guidelines carefully. We do not give personalized advice on how to make your article suitable for publication, nor will we correct grammar, capitalization, etc. The article must be ready for publication as submitted.

We do not require you have a professional level of writing, but we do insist that the essay be well thought out, well organized, and written with care and attention to proper grammar, spelling and syntax. There are plenty of online resources on how to write an essay -- you may want to Google "how to write an essay", or you can start with these sites:


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A few specific guidelines:  

  • Articles with timeless appeal:  We also want essays that have general, timeless appeal. We want to offer well-thought-out opinions on issues that affect and influence members.

  • Article Topics   Any thoughtful and positive article is welcome as long as it relates to IlluminatiAm ▲. Please think about whether or not your article is of interest and/or help to the community - or at least a substantial subset of the community. This is particularly true if your article involves your personal story.

With this in mind, we have a list of topics that writers and would-be writers can draw upon
Feel free to directly adopt these titles and topics, or to adapt them to your own needs

Personal Experience; How-To; Inspirational; History; Opinion;
Seasonal; "Aftermath"; Investigative/News; Human Interest;
Profile; or perhaps some category that cannot be defined.
If you would like to write on a topic that is not listed,
first please email email us and ask about your topic choice.

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  • We do not publish book excerpts. If you have a published book, please do list that book in our Books section! (log into your account and choose add listing / then choose 'Book Listing')

  • We do not publish rebuttals. We are interested in YOUR thoughts - not your reaction to the thoughts of other postings here.

  • Please don't preach.  Opinions are great, and welcome. So is constructive criticism. But an essay with a condescending, highly critical or "holier than thou" tone will be returned for an attitude adjustment.

  • Essays should be between 900 and 2500 words. Essays under 900 words will not be considered for publication -”we are looking for more than off-the-cuff commentary.

  • Please capitalize the first letter of the name Illuminati / IlluminatiAm, and spell check your essay before sending it.

  • Please be sure to credit any outside sources. Formal bibliographic notation is not necessary, but if you reference a book or article, give its general publication information, so readers can find it. WE TAKE PLAGIARISM VERY SERIOUSLY and will immediately delete any essay (as well as the user's account) that we find contains plagiarized material. Be sure to attribute all direct quotes. Any graphics or images should also be credited. - Make sure everyone IN your photo(s) IS aware that you are going to post their face(s) on the web and that you HAVE their permission to do so.

  • You retain copyright to all your work, however, as a courtesy, we do request 90 day exclusive use of your submission. If the piece has been previously published, please indicate where and when (note: reprints will receive a lower priority). If your original essay is republished elsewhere, we appreciate a footnote that it was first published on Project-Illuminati, but this is simply a courtesy, and not required.

  • Please be sure to write your essay in a word processor or other text editor first. DO NOT write it directly into the submission form! If your browser crashes, all your work will be lost. If there are formatting or other issues you want the editors to be aware of, please add those notes in the space provided on the submission form. Those notes will not be published.

If we accept your article / essay, it will appear on the home page for a week, and then get a permanent home in our [Voices] section. You can see if your essay has been accepted, rejected, or is still pending by logging into your account. Again, due to the volume of submissions, we cannot contact you with our reasons for not accepting an article or essay. If your work is not accepted, please read the guidelines again carefully. If you have questions, contact us.

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To SUBMIT articles : Click HERE (You must have a profile in the Illuminati Member's Portal and be a subscriber of Project-Illuminati. You will need to be logged into your Project-Illuminati account to complete your essay submission)
For Questions and information, contact us here at Project-Illuminati

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