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Tue, May 21, 2019

So, you think you want to write for us?

Project-Illuminati is now welcoming submissions from guest writers, bloggers, and vloggers.

Submit Your Articles To Our Publication

We want YOUR thoughts (750 to 2500 words) on the following topics:

  • Articles on material presented on Illuminati's Official Website (IlluminatiOfficial.org, Illuminati.mp, and Illuminati.mp). Your thoughts perspectives or personal journey (overcoming limitations and so on)

  • Articles and Interviews with Initiates / Members (who are reaching for and achieving success).

  • Advice and direction for continued growth and awareness / comprehension 

  • Inspiration and encouragement

  • Networking Conferences & Events

  • Any topic related to the philosophy and teachings of Illuminatiam, its goals and agenda, member driven initiatives, etc. (feel free to contact us if you have additional topics to propose) 


Original unpublished work only please (that is, your article cannot have appeared anywhere else in print or online). Once your article is published with us, you agree that you will not publish the article again in the same form elsewhere.

If your article is accepted, you will receive a byline and the option to provide links to your website or social media pages that we will include at our discretion. You’ll reach  all of our subscribers, and many more friends on our social networks.

Please send your article in the body of an email to TheAdmin@Project-Illuminati.com for consideration. Be sure to include any royalty free images that you want to include in the article, along with your professional writing bio, and ANSWER THIS QUESTION for us: What major thing will readers learn from your article?


          P.S. - Did you know that Project-Illuminati          
is available for guest writing or interviews
on YOUR publication or blog?

Just contact us!



Helpful Hints

  1. Before you submit, do a search on our blog to see if we’ve covered your topic before. We’re always looking for a fresh, new take on the fundamentals! But be sure that your article brings something new to the table.

  2. This is not an opportunity for autobiographical self-promotion. If the information offered in your article is helpful, readers will want to learn more about you. But the article itself shouldn’t be “the story of why I’m awesome.” If you do tell your story, make sure it has substantial, practical, concrete applications that our readers need.

  3. Link it up. Link your article to articles on similar topics that we’ve already written. Why? We want to give our readers every advantage.
      • If you link to third-party sites, they must be professional and appropriate.
      • If you link to your own sites, see point #2.

  4. Keep it light. Our readers are busy people. They’re not looking for long-winded prose and paragraphs that you could use to prop open a door. Share your ideas in an upbeat and honest way, as if you’re talking to a good friend. Short paragraphs, succinct sentences, and a light touch will always win our hearts.

  5. Less is more. Give our readers a lot of information in as few words as possible.

  6. Make up a great title for your article. We want you to catch our eye!


We look forward to hearing from you!
Please allow 4-6 weeks for review of your article or submission
Due to the overwhelming number of messages we receive on daily basis we do not respond to submissions unless we publish them.

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