Back when we first began this endeavor – we started out calling it an online magazine. Except that it wasn’t (not really / not yet). It wasn’t an online newspaper either, but it was definitely more than a just blog or simple newsletter. For now we’ll stick to the terms “social enterprise” and “online publication” while we continue to build and grow it.

We’ve chosen social entrepreneurship as our business model (in that the greater portion of revenue our endeavor generates help to fund humanitarian endeavors and to create a philanthropic legacy fund fostering additional social enterprise among Initiates and Citizen Members).
In this way we hope to bootstrap or help leverage one another up to achieve things that none of us might be able to accomplish on our own.

It begins here… on a small scale 

It’s taken us a long time (about 2½ years) just to get things to this stage. We’ve experienced a few hiccups along the way (2019 was a year of personal setbacks and major health issues). Then our web mistress accidently deleted the entire database, along with all of the articles and pages we had published previously. She decided to take advantage of it being down to redesign the entire concept and switch it over to the WordPress platform instead of the JOOMLA CMS it started out on. 

Issues with our Forms Software are still vexing us. We’ve also had to contend with some major undermining (by individuals we thought we could trust). Individuals who claim to be in favor of unifying Initiates & Members – but who clearly demonstrate that they are only interested in doing so if everyone falls into line under their leadership and control
We’ve continued to plug along (slowly but surely) toward our goal.

And that dear friends, constitutes committment & determination!
We have this great vision for what we’d like to accomplish with Project-Illuminati… and we’re not about to let life’s circumstances or a few destructive individuals hold us down or hold us back!

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