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Project-Illuminati is a social enterprise with a core purpose of contributing positively in society for the betterment of human kind.

We utilize revenue generated from the sale of branded merchandise, advertisements, affiliated links, and direct donations to fund humanitarian endeavors and build a philanthropic legacy for the benefit the entire Illuminatiam community.
But our contribution doesn’t stop there.  Project Illuminati is dedicated to helping people achieve a next level mindset.

In our effort to increase individual awareness & understanding of Illuminati concepts, ideas, and philosophy we strive develop & curate thoughtful, beneficial content to serve the members of our shared community in their everyday and future lives. Providing high-value quality content, and working to create transformational tools and educational opportunities for our community.

As a result, these measures aim to empower & inspire individuals to take action by awakening their critical thinking and transforming their lives. Project-Illuminati promotes the advancement of the human race through this. We thrive on inspiration, integrity, and leadership.

One of the first things Visitors & Guests to our website need to understand from the very beginning, is that WE HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE!

📌  PROVE the Illuminati exist
📌  DISPROVE their existence
📌  RECRUIT anyone into the Illuminati

We are here to assist our fellow Illuminatiam in gaining clarity, and a deeper understanding of what it is THEY HAVE JOINED. We wish to create a Legacy and a Resource for others – to empower & enable them to travel their path more easily.
Would you like to join us in creating a Legacy like that?

How about a safer (less toxic) community or environment to explore and share ideas and collaborations? Would you be up for helping us build that?

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