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Wed, Jun 26, 2019

Mission Statement

Project-Illuminati is a member driven initiative. We help facilitate personal fulfilment, business growth, and improvement in the overall quality of life for members and non-members alike.

We are motivated to helping people find fulfilment and value in living as more functional individuals of society through leadership training and business initiatives. This will enable them live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Vision Statement

As we share in the process of creating success stories, our bond with humanity is strengthened. To accomplish this we support the creation of small businesses that give back to society and toward projects that benefit humanity.

We will achieve this the sale of branded items, fund raising campaigns, sponsorships, and direct donations.

The "Eternal Oath" that we have taken - to become stewards of our planet and of our fellow human beings

Our Values

  • Community: We believe in enriching lives, making positive impacts and giving back to society.
  • Motivation: We coach members to improve the quality of their lives by inspiring them to greater success.
  • Mentoring: It is our aim to guide individuals through the path of self-discovery from a personalized perspective and ensure they are well equipped to achieve their life goals.
  • Passion: We love what we do and putting smiles on the faces of people give us joy.

Publication Team


Ishtar Inanna
Chandra Wood

Editorial Staff:

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Promotions Team

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