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Copyright Talk   Part 1

by Chandra Wood

The issue of 'Copyright Infringement and Violation' happens to be one of my pet peeves. Partly because both I and my life partner (Ken Brody) have a number of original works that we hold the copyrights to, and rely upon them for income. But mostly because the values and morals I have tell me it's wrong.

  • Ken has a many technical and scientific papers (published in respected journals which get cited among leaders within those fields), his name appears on a number of patents and processes registered with Federal Government, He is a published author himself (he has 16 Titles across multiple platforms & formats and is currently working on his 17th). His poetry and writing wins award and produces financial benefit

  • I taught dance for many years, and own the rights to all of the choreography created for my dance troupes. (Choreography that won competitions for us). These days part of my income is derived from creating original content for websites and social media for clients, and I am working on my own digital publication here. Who knows: I may write a book or two some day. (I'm focused on other matters - and so that great novel will just have to wait) 

V (Ivy Taroc of C22, and associated endeavors) is an author herself.  Someone is violating/infringing upon her copyrights and she is justifiably upset! Copyright Violation is a crime.
It is 'theft of intellectual property'. 

Mostly it's just civilly criminal, and the majority of victims don't fully understand their rights and remedies under the law, and so never bother to file a Cease and Desist Order against violators. Or else they do not care to pursue a lengthy legal battle. Only the person who owns the copyright (and their legal assigns) can file a Cease and Desist. Cases rarely get prosecuted because they rarely get filed.

I've been known to speak out on the subject every now & again. I've spoken out about it in the Member's Portal and the social media groups. Which tends to make me unpopular among Initiates that engage in the translating & distribution of Illuminatiam books and web content. They believe their activity to be justified because they are doing it with good intentions, and are giving them away vs. making a profit).
That is an incorrect assumption on their part.

Laws do not state that it's okay to ignore them if you have 'good intentions'. It does not matter whether you copy & distribute or translate & distribute - if you do it without the legal consent of the owner, you are committing a crime. Furthermore, you by circumventing their rights, the compensation they receive from selling their work diminishes. You are essentially taking money out of their pocket when you give their work away (stealing from them!).
Lack of prosecution does not imply unspoken consent.

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