Human; He is the supreme being among living things, created by Allah with perfect features and equipment. Man’s ability to reason and think makes him superior to other living things. For this reason, it will not be difficult for a person who understands his own worth to understand why he was created and the reason for his creation. The lives of people who understand the purpose of creation, or people who do not belong to a religion, but who aim to be a good person, their perspectives on life and their approach to people; It is quite different from other human societies that do not understand life and lack the sense of being human. Because there is a very thin bond between life and people, the life and afterlife of people who cannot understand this and apply it to their lives will result in frustration.

While our planet has a structure that will allow all humanity to live in abundance and abundance, why there is inequality among people, why some people live comfortably and comfortably while others live in poverty is a situation that needs to be questioned. Even if our planet has experienced similar troubles, witnessed serious wars and suffered serious human losses for the sake of some people’s interests, it is an inevitable fact that this situation can be corrected and that all humanity will find comfort and live freely. When I got to know the Illuminatiam, it was a great hope for humanity to see that humanity had seen the troubles it suffered for years, to reach its causes and to see that it started a serious work to correct it, and to see that hundreds of thousands of initiates who set their heart on this belief made an effort for the betterment of humanity with great dedication. My brothers, life; It is an adventure that every person who opens his eyes to the world must live willingly or unwillingly, human; He is a supreme being who has sought light on the path of wisdom during the life given to him and has achieved the honor of being a good person in this direction. We must be good people, because the salvation of humanity will rise in the hands of good people.

In life, a person already gains experience by living and seeing, the important thing is to gain experience with the suggestions and advice of wise people and people whose ideas are valued. While Illuminatiam is telling us about the experiences it has had for the betterment of humanity for centuries, it would be wrong to open a perspective on life without taking lessons from them. However, following a path by learning from the good or bad things in the past will guide us in reaching the truth. Our goal is to fight evil until goodness prevails over our planet and all humanity. Love is like a sycamore blossoming in the heart of every person who follows the Illuminatiam. Compassion and conscience are the roots of this plane tree, and goodness is its branches and fruit. Growing or drying is in the hands of the person.


A Slow Build

Back when we first began this endeavor – we started out calling it an online magazine. Except that it wasn’t (not really / not yet). It wasn’t an online newspaper either, but it was definitely more than a just blog or simple newsletter. For now we’ll stick to the terms “social enterprise” and “online publication” while we continue to build and grow it.

We’ve chosen social entrepreneurship as our business model (in that the greater portion of revenue our endeavor generates help to fund humanitarian endeavors and to create a philanthropic legacy fund fostering additional social enterprise among Initiates and Citizen Members).
In this way we hope to bootstrap or help leverage one another up to achieve things that none of us might be able to accomplish on our own.

It begins here… on a small scale 

It’s taken us a long time (about 2½ years) just to get things to this stage. We’ve experienced a few hiccups along the way (2019 was a year of personal setbacks and major health issues). Then our web mistress accidently deleted the entire database, along with all of the articles and pages we had published previously. She decided to take advantage of it being down to redesign the entire concept and switch it over to the WordPress platform instead of the JOOMLA CMS it started out on. 

Issues with our Forms Software are still vexing us. We’ve also had to contend with some major undermining (by individuals we thought we could trust). Individuals who claim to be in favor of unifying Initiates & Members – but who clearly demonstrate that they are only interested in doing so if everyone falls into line under their leadership and control
We’ve continued to plug along (slowly but surely) toward our goal.

And that dear friends, constitutes committment & determination!
We have this great vision for what we’d like to accomplish with Project-Illuminati… and we’re not about to let life’s circumstances or a few destructive individuals hold us down or hold us back!

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Our Artist’s Shop on Threadless

When we first considered offering branded merchandise as a vehicle to fund the humanitarian endeavors we support – we were only looking to find a reliable platform to host our shop. We chose Threadless to host our designs.

Over time we have continued to look at a variety of other platforms as well (hoping to save international customers a bit of money on shipping), and it looks as if Merch by Amazon might be the best option for us in that regard. We’d like to get things going there – but having issues getting the first of our designs uploaded.
Try as we might Amazon’s system keeps kicking it back.

We’re also trying to find a vendor that can provide high quality “cut & sew sublimation” (via print-on-demand) for the specialty designs we have ready, and plan to use for promotions and contests we have coming down the way. Print-on-demand services helps us avoid high production costs of having to purchase in large quantities and then warehousing merchandise.

As things have slowly been added to the website and our content & message improved and refined, we have kept those following us on social media, and participants in our focus & discussion groups (on Facebook) up to date on the overall progress of our enterprise.

One of the concerns we want addressed with our merchandise is how ethically sourced it is. Especially since proceeds are being used to fund humanitarian projects and create change thru social impact – it is vital that we make an extra effort to ensure fair trade practices, from the gathering of raw materials – right through the manufacturing process (not using sweatshop or child labor).

We reached out to the folks at Threadless to ask about
their protocols for ethically sourcing materials and product – they provided
an extensive response. We’re happy with what they had to say:

Collection of branded merch we offerCurrently, we are using the same tees that we use for the regular site, The 100% cotton tees for Men and Kids (regular crew necks, V-necks) are made by Anvil, Bella Canvas, or AS Colour, the Womens cotton tees and all Tri-blends are made by Next Level, Baby and Toddler tees are made by LAT Apparel and our Fleece (hoodies and sweatshirts) are made by Delta or Bella Canvas. Our yarns mostly use US cotton and are generally spun in our yarn spinning plants in the USA.

Those yarns are sent to our textile facilities in Honduras and the Dominican Republic to be knit, dyed, finished and cut into fabric parts for sewing. The cut parts from Dominican Republic are either sewn in Dominican Republic or Haitian sewing facilities.

Tees and other items made overseas are manufactured in updated facilities adhering to the International Labor Organization’s Conventions (ILO) and Recommendations, which promotes rights at work, encourages decent employment opportunities and enhances social protections. Our manufacturing partners make every effort to ensure compliance with rigorous social and environmental standards. You can read more about how some of our overseas items strive to meet those standards here.
All Printing is done in the USA.

We’ve been looking at adding more options and allowing you to select specific brands but that would be with future updates. We’ll be sure to let you know when those options are available!

Initiate Endeavors: Not An Official Resource

Initiate Endeavors: Not An Official Resource

Written by

Project-Illuminati is just one item on a growing list of endeavors and enterptises that Initiates of Illuminatiam have begun.

Initiate endeavors are not listed on the Verified Accounts page of because they are things that Initiates have taken upon themselves to begin (and not something that the Illuminati have created, set up themselves, or tasked an Initiate to create).

Currently the Illuminati
have not recognized, sanctioned,
or endorsed any Initiate endeavor

  • This includes our endeavor Project-Illuminati started (in March of 2018) by Nomathemba J. Mothibi and Chandra Wood. Project-Illuminati is currently registered as a DBA with the State of Florida (but has an EIN  registered with the Dept of Treasury).  It was originally set to incorporate as an LLC, but in light of activity by certain malicious individuals to undermine things – it remains a DBA. Project-Illuminati contributes the bulk of its proceeds via a seperate (Wyoming based) corporation created specifically to protect our philanthropic efforts from further attack.


  • This includes the various endeavors & organizations started by and/or under the purview of L1.1 Ivy Taroc: including, but not limited to C22 (aka: Council22 and Council22 Worldwide ), Illuminati Avenue, her Initiate network (aka: the IN Crowd), iMark Radio,, the collated online newspaper she recently started up (usurping the name from the archives of belonging to, Pyramidion Group (formerly known as APEX), and The Anti-Fraud Network (aka: AFN/TAB/Sec77 which is managed by Brad Adams). To date the only activity associated to any of these endeavors that is registered as legally existing anywhere but on social media accounts set up by individuals is iMark Radio (which is listed as LLC).


  • This includes the endeavor known as Alpha Illuminati. This collaborative began in April 2020, and headed up by Petros Regos, Richard Sherer, Christine Ingrahm. and  (all of whom are former top associates within C22 – that left the organization because of internal conflicts and poor leadership & direction from its founder).


  • This includes the organization Order of the Illuminati formed by Michael Maclin (also known as Reverend Michael Primus.) It was formed in 2016 and then formally registered as a religious nonprofit (in May of 2018).


  • This also includes CSA Illuminati formed by LordWalter Anderson (whose actual name remains unknown). Formed in 2014

The closest thing to recognition that any Initiate endeavor has achieved thus far
is the Twitter account belonging to @IlluminatiMP (insofar as it is being followed by Illuminatiam’s Twitter account that is listed on the Verified Accounts Page).

The Illuminati are watching – but they are not following a single Initiate endeavor!

You Tell Us!

We are not privy to the activities of all 59K plus registered Initiates in the Member’s Portal… Initiates are encouraged to share the Illuminati focused projects, endeavors, and organizations they have started, or in the process of setting up. We want to make sure to mention / cover all of the projects and endeavors the Illuminatiam community is working on!

Questions are the root of all answers

Don’t Be Shy!

Then give us a few days
to read your message over
and respond back

Oh my! we have haters

Oh my! we have haters

From the moment it was announced that we intended to “create something different” with Project-Illuminati (different from what we saw our fellow Illuminatiam doing) we had Haters!

    • Individuals that think we should adopt their particular opinions and perspectives instead of having or sharing our own.
    • Individuals who think that “we should” or that “we need to be” following the particular individual they have chosen to be a shepherd (or guide) in their life.
    • Individuals giving unsolicited opinions as to how or why they think we should not be selling shirts, trying to raise funds or awareness for humanitarian endeavors, or bother trying to create a Legacy Fund / Endowment for our fellow Illuminatiam.

We haven’t a clue as to why these individuals are so dead set
against our intentions to do good in the world…

But, as the Illuminati have said, “when you choose a different path, you invite the scorn of those around you who lack the courage to pursue their own goals. A person moves to step higher on the pyramid and the hands of those below them reach to pull them back. Their voices demand to know why you must be different.”

100% of the proceeds
from our branded merchandise
help fund humanitarian projects that we
support and to creating an Initiate Legacy Fund


Additional proceeds (from advertising, affiliate programs, special promotions, and direct donations) help support our enterprise, as well as provide philanthropic awards to other social enterprises & charitable projects within the ILLUMINATIAM community.

This ‘Giving Back’ is one of the motivating factors that prompted us to create our venture in the first place!

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Invitation to join

It seems as though just about everyone (and their cousin) wants to join the Illuminati. And while Illuminatiam explain (in very simple terms) what the process for becoming a member entails – the vast majority of individuals still haven’t got a clue as to what that process is.
We hope this article helps to clarify things for you a bit. 

Join Illuminatiam"s Mailing List

Ideally one will have spent a fair amount of time researching and studying the organization, and will have developed an understanding as to the type of individual that Illuminatiam tell us they’re looking to invite into their organization.

The other first step:  the one most everyone does before going on to learn about them – is to sign up for their mailing list. It’s quite easy to do really – just enter your name (whatever name you go by) and your email address. Then click Submit.

When you do this, Illuminatiam suggest that you add their email address to your email contacts.

We suggest you add them first – as a number of seekers have missed seeing the confirmation message that gets autogenerated by Illuminatiam’s email system when you submit your info.

This step ensures that their messages
come directly to your inbox – instead of winding up
in your spam, junk or bulk mail folder


Once your information is submitted, the next step is to click on the link in that very first email message they send out. Now your info has been added to their mailing list database.

Those who are unfamiliar with online marketing tactics and how websites are created will confuse this MAILING LIST SIGN UP FORM as being an actual “Application for Membership into the Illuminati itself” (this confusion is caused in part because Illuminatiam refer to it as an Application Form).

Anyway, you should now check your email for additional messages
There are probably new messages already coming in.
Expect to receive messages every few days (in the beginning). After a few months you will notice that new messages are spaced farther and farther apart. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that nothing is wrong. You have simply reached the end of their que of prewritten messages.

Seekers & followers often believe that Illuminatiam are writing their messages fresh for everyone as they are received. The simple truth is they can get far more accomplished using an automated email system like MailChimp or Constant Contact to handle their messages. Illuminatiam uses MailChimp.