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Well, Hello. AgainIt’s been a long time coming – but we’re back, and in a good way.

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The Illuminati tell us how
we should deal with scammers


Illuminatiam have peppered their website with information designed to increase awareness and keep you safe. They explain how scammers create multiple profiles on social media – and how futile it is to spend your time focused on shutting them down (as they simply move operations over to another profile – and continue on as before.

INSTEAD OF ENGAGING WITH SCAMMERS, the Illuminati tell us to block them, report them on the social media platforms they harass us on, and report them to the Illuminati (via this simple contact form on the Official Website –

How Initiates tell you
we should be dealing with them


Individuals heading up various initiate led endeavors have been telling followers & Initiates of Illuminatiam that it is “their duty” to seek out and shut down scammers. They’ve set up whole departments dedicated to keeping you busy chasing them down (and reporting them to Brad or some memeber of his Sec 77 team). In some cases these so called initiate leaders train you in how to engage with the scammers.

It’s our responsibility to warn others when we see they are about to be taken advantage of – but it is NOT our duty or job to engage or go after scammers.