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One of the considerations that get addressed when setting up a business is what legal structure to use. I think most everyone is familiar with the usual incorporation labels (S-corp, Inc., and LLC). Few people are even aware that here is another option here in the United States that allows someone to operate their business legally under the label of DBA (Doing Business As).
A DBA is sometimes referred to as a ‘fictitious business name’.

This does not mean the business is a fake entity or a scam. It merely means that the name one is Doing Business As happens to be different than the legal name of the individual that owns or that started it.


EXAMPLE:  If your name is Brian Rojas and you start a landscaping business called Brian Rojas Landscaping (you have the right to operate that business without having to incorporate or file as an LLC).

However, if you only call your business Brian’s Landscaping, then it could create confusion among the general public as to which person (named Brian) is actually responsible for that business. Filing a DBA (Doing Business As) allows one to operate their business as a recognized legal entity, they can collect payments, open a bank account, and to operate legally using the DBA business name.


Some of our fellow initiates have chosen

to malign our social enterprise by

calling it a fake business

Register a DBAIt is not. It utilizes an (EIN) Employer Identification Number, also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The Federal Tax Identification number is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the US Treasury Department to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification. All legal, financial, and banking transactions conducted by Project-Illuminati are done in accordance with Federal and State regulations governing business in the USA. 

Chandra (one of our two founders), started out applying for status as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). She wanted to include/list the person starting things with her as business partner – and fact that the partner is citizen of another country presented some interesting issues with regards to filing as an LLC. So Chandra filed as a DBA instead (at least until the website and other preliminary & behind the scene things were farther along).


Progress was slowed when serious health issues (requiring delicate brain surgery to correct) arose for Chandra. And then both our founders experienced financial setbacks (that took some time to recover from). Then we got hacked (twice) and Chandra accidentally deleted the database – everything was lost! All our previous articles (2 years worth), our Initiate Contact List, and more.

As Chandra’s strength and health returned, she found herself seriously preoccupied with combating the efforts of several persons involved with the Initiate Network (that was created and managed by V… also known as Ivy Taroc… as well as by her legal name of Victoria Goodrich) to undermine and discredit what Project-Illuminati was trying to do and build.
All because Chandra called them out for Copyright Violation and Theft of Intellectual Property they engage in by publishing and otherwise making available translations of Illuminatiam books and web content. And because she listed that among the several reason she chose not to align Project-Illuminati with V’s Initiate Network.


And THAT is how & why Chandra wound up on Pyramidion Group’s little wall of shame / wall of hate. Over time, the false narrative that she posted there was amended to include additional charges and statements (which are also false) in an effort to discredit Chandra, to alienate her from fellow initiates, and to undermine Project-Illuminati… At one point their activity prevented the funding of several smaller initiate projects (as organizations Chandra had been working with backed away to avoid negative publicity / association adversely affecting them).


One however did not

Instead they took Chandra under their wing and have been mentoring her several hours a month in setting things up in a slightly different (more beneficial and low key) manner so as to avoid such issues in the future. It’s really something when an organization like the one helping Chandra prepare takes interest in a social enterprise as prospective business collaboration.
We are extremely grateful for their guidance and assist!