Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Illuminati?

Membership Application imageIdeally you should go to the Official Website (at and learn a bit about them before you APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP with the organization. The form for doing this is a simple one – requiring only your name and email. You can access the form HERE.

If you add the following address –
to your email contact list before filling out the form, you guarantee that the confirmition email they send out comes straight to your inbox (rather than going into your spam or bulk mail folder).


What should I do next?

••  after applying for membership  ••
Go back and read the information on their website again! Being familiar with this information will be helpful when registering in the Member’s Portal and beginning the first of the Prerequisite Tests.

What next after reading info?

If you feel comfortable enough in your understanding of the basic information Illuminati have place on their website for you – the next step is to register in the Member’s Portal and begin the Prerequiste tests.

These tests help the Illuminati understand how much you know (about their basic info) and what your level of understanding is at… These tests, along with a period of evaluatiion (the length and scope of which they do not reveal) help them determine whether you are ready to advance forward or not.
If they determine you are not ready at this time, simply continue seeking knowledge and prepare yourself for future advancement.

What can you tell me about the Member's Portal?
The Member’s Portal (often referred to as the MP) is where Initiates complete the Prerequisite tests that determine whether they are ready to proceed on to the next level or stage of membership), participate in a member’s only forum, and gain access to various books & publications (not available to the general public).

The Member’s Portal is also where you are given tasks to complete (depending upon your level).
Everything is access via the dashboard.

At this time the community forum section is down (it has been down for repairs and upgrades since May of 2018).
We all expect that it will “reopen soon”

What kinds of messages does Illuminatiam send to me?

Message come in 3 flavors

  1. Informative:  these messages refer you to specific pages or items on their website for learning & comprehension.
  2. Promotional / Marketing:  these messages link you to items available for sale on DODIS. Although you may receive a number of them (and even offered a discount as incentive to purchase items) you are never require to buy items.
  3. Updates / Announcements:  as new articles are added to the Illuminati website or some major even happens – Illuminatiam will send you an announcemt or update message regarding it.

Why am I not receiving messages like I was in the beginning?

Illuminatiam utilizes an automated email system to send messages out to all of its members.
The system kicks out messages according to a calendar from date you register with them.

Marketing companies have determined that someone is more likely to make a purchase in the early stages rather than farther down the way. So Illuminatiam have the majority of messages in their que and set to go out every few days (in the beginning) and spaced farther apart as you near the end of the que.

After the first couple of months – you may not receive messages for several weeks or longer. Do not be alarmed by this. It just means that you have received all the prewritten messages they have lined up – and now you only receive new messages as they get written and added to the que.

What if I cannot afford to buy items or they are not available to me?

It is an OPTION to purchase Illuminatiam’s branded merchandise (the Talisman, Eternal Oath, or other items).

Buying items has no bearing or influence upon your membership status. These things are merely a way for you to show your loyalty to Illuminatiam in a public manner and allow you to recognize other members.
They also serve as a way to open up dialong about your expecience / journey as an Illuminati Initiate when people ask you about them.

When will I learn the results of my Prerequisite tests?

The purpose of the Prerequisites is to ascertain an individual’s readiness for further Illuminati advancement or membership consideration. They are not intended to place a numerical score upon the names of citizens who strive to better themselves, but rather to separate the dedicated from the indifferent.

When questioning the length of time required to complete and advance through the Prerequisites, many citizens overlook the core purpose of the test: preparation for their role in the Universal Design. 
If a person is found unready to proceed, there is no harm to their standing with the Illuminati and most are offered additional attempts.

What should i do about all the scammers coming at me?

Even the most cautious individual will encounter scammers on this journey. The two best defenses you have to fend them off is knowledge (knowing what Illuminati is about, how they operate, etc.), and the block feature on social media. It is free to join the Illuminati – and there is never any fee associated to joining or to membership. So anyone (and we mean anyone!) who asks for or solicits payment for joining or anything related to Illuminati – is a scammer and should be blocked, immediately.

Do not even attempt to engage them in further conversation – because so long as you do, they know that your attention is hooked. If you happen to be one of the more naive and vunerble individuals out there – then you may still become a willing victim of scammers.

I say willing victim because you want what the scammer is promising – you desperately want that better life, that easy life where every dream is coming true. The scammer knows this and these are the very lies they bait their hooks with.
Engaging with scammers only gives them time to set the hook and real you in.

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