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The only power which can Illuminate you is your own mind!
An informed mind is a powerful mind!

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The right information is a powerful tool that can transform you. It is the key that opens all doors.  The right information will lead you to your desired goal.


Born from a passion that inspires us all to join in the global effort to secure the ongoing survival, preservation and advancement of the human species (as a whole), Project-Illuminati springs from a shared vision held by NJM and Chandra Woods dating back to March 2018.  At that date they created an online source to open people to truth, help illuminate minds, transform lives, and cultivate greatness.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Project-Illuminati is a social enterprise with great promise and potential impact. An ambitious vision that we will continue to perfect and professionalize as we grow. The enterprise is funded though direct donations and income from the sale of branded merchandise, use of affiliate links, advertisements, and corporate sponsorship. The bulk of the proceeds split between humanitarian projects, and philanthropic & educational projects for members in economically disadvantaged areas.

Our Humanitarian arm initially focused on projects that fall under the priorities of Maslov's Hierarchy of Needs - addressing the basic needs of water, food, shelter, and air.  While our Membership arm looks to provide training workshops in basic job skills, website development, social entrepreneurism, leadership development.
The Illuminatiam Initiate community (registered at Illuminati.mp) is 45,000+ members strong and growing

You cannot be enlightened if your mind insists on darkness!
Your fate is your choice!

Project-Illuminati invites you to add your voice to the future of humanity along with us!

Illumination: The First Testament of the Illuminati





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