Human; He is the supreme being among living things, created by Allah with perfect features and equipment. Man’s ability to reason and think makes him superior to other living things. For this reason, it will not be difficult for a person who understands his own worth to understand why he was created and the reason for his creation. The lives of people who understand the purpose of creation, or people who do not belong to a religion, but who aim to be a good person, their perspectives on life and their approach to people; It is quite different from other human societies that do not understand life and lack the sense of being human. Because there is a very thin bond between life and people, the life and afterlife of people who cannot understand this and apply it to their lives will result in frustration.

While our planet has a structure that will allow all humanity to live in abundance and abundance, why there is inequality among people, why some people live comfortably and comfortably while others live in poverty is a situation that needs to be questioned. Even if our planet has experienced similar troubles, witnessed serious wars and suffered serious human losses for the sake of some people’s interests, it is an inevitable fact that this situation can be corrected and that all humanity will find comfort and live freely. When I got to know the Illuminatiam, it was a great hope for humanity to see that humanity had seen the troubles it suffered for years, to reach its causes and to see that it started a serious work to correct it, and to see that hundreds of thousands of initiates who set their heart on this belief made an effort for the betterment of humanity with great dedication. My brothers, life; It is an adventure that every person who opens his eyes to the world must live willingly or unwillingly, human; He is a supreme being who has sought light on the path of wisdom during the life given to him and has achieved the honor of being a good person in this direction. We must be good people, because the salvation of humanity will rise in the hands of good people.

In life, a person already gains experience by living and seeing, the important thing is to gain experience with the suggestions and advice of wise people and people whose ideas are valued. While Illuminatiam is telling us about the experiences it has had for the betterment of humanity for centuries, it would be wrong to open a perspective on life without taking lessons from them. However, following a path by learning from the good or bad things in the past will guide us in reaching the truth. Our goal is to fight evil until goodness prevails over our planet and all humanity. Love is like a sycamore blossoming in the heart of every person who follows the Illuminatiam. Compassion and conscience are the roots of this plane tree, and goodness is its branches and fruit. Growing or drying is in the hands of the person.