Join the Team!

We’re looking to add a few articulate individuals collaborating as part of a team effort to produce a well written, informative, and knowledgeable publication.

Exceptional people with a capacity to head up various departments on our Production & Publication teams, Content Creators and Writers for featured articles and regularly appearing columns., people experienced in driving advertising & media sales.
Additionally there are a few key positions that we also hope to fill.

We’re looking for a little help from our fellow Initiates!

Here in the beginning we are all just volunteering our time, talent, and skills.
Once things get going however, we’d like to be able to compensate our staff for their contribution.

Editorial Staff

Do you have what it take to contribute to our publication as one of our Featured Writers or Columnists,  as a Photo Journalist, Video Editor, Podcaster, to serve as Puzzle Maester. or something else?

Publication & Promotion Teams

Think you can head up one of of our Departments (Content, Graphics, Arts & Entertainment, Promotions, Sales & Advertising). Just let us know!

Other Key Positions

There are a few additional key positions we would like to fill. We’re looking for a Fundraising Expert, an Events Coodinator, Grants Writer,  and Charity Liaison.

Use the contact form below to let us know how you’d like to help.
Unfortunately the themes builder we are currently using doesn’t allow for content to be attached so just provide us a brief overview as to what your skills, abilities, and qualifications are in the message area of the contact form and we’ll get back to you with a way to send us your Resume or CV if you have one already prepared)

NOTICE:  Due to ongoing issues integrating & configuring our Forms Software with our business email – we ask that you PLEASE SUBMIT YOU INFO TO US DIRECTLY
(this is a backup email we are using until we get the forms issue resolved)


Join the Team!

These are not exactly entry level positions – We’re hoping to attract self starters capable of fulfilling the duties & responsibilities of these positions (not people we need train in every little aspect of them)

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Join the Team!

These are not exactly entry level positions (and there is no training provided) — We are hoping to attract a few strong self-starters capable of fulfilling the duties & responsibilities of the position they put in for.

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