Initiate Endeavors: Not An Official Resource

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Written by Chandra Wood

Project-Illuminati is just one item on a growing list of endeavors and enterptises that Initiates of Illuminatiam have begun.

Initiate endeavors are not listed on the Verified Accounts page of because they are things that Initiates have taken upon themselves to begin (and not something that the Illuminati have created, set up themselves, or tasked an Initiate to create).

Currently the Illuminati
have not recognized, sanctioned,
or endorsed any Initiate endeavor

  • This includes our endeavor Project-Illuminati started (in March of 2018) by Nomathemba J. Mothibi and Chandra Wood. Project-Illuminati is currently registered as a DBA with the State of Florida (but has an EIN  registered with the Dept of Treasury).  It was originally set to incorporate as an LLC, but in light of activity by certain malicious individuals to undermine things – it remains a DBA. Project-Illuminati contributes the bulk of its proceeds via a seperate (Wyoming based) corporation created specifically to protect our philanthropic efforts from further attack.


  • This includes the various endeavors & organizations started by and/or under the purview of L1.1 Ivy Taroc: including, but not limited to C22 (aka: Council22 and Council22 Worldwide ), Illuminati Avenue, her Initiate network (aka: the IN Crowd), iMark Radio,, the collated online newspaper she recently started up (usurping the name from the archives of belonging to, Pyramidion Group (formerly known as APEX), and The Anti-Fraud Network (aka: AFN/TAB/Sec77 which is managed by Brad Adams). To date the only activity associated to any of these endeavors that is registered as legally existing anywhere but on social media accounts set up by individuals is iMark Radio (which is listed as LLC).


  • This includes the endeavor known as Alpha Illuminati. This collaborative began in April 2020, and headed up by Petros Regos, Richard Sherer, Christine Ingrahm. and  (all of whom are former top associates within C22 – that left the organization because of internal conflicts and poor leadership & direction from its founder).


  • This includes the organization Order of the Illuminati formed by Michael Maclin (also known as Reverend Michael Primus.) It was formed in 2016 and then formally registered as a religious nonprofit (in May of 2018).


  • This also includes CSA Illuminati formed by LordWalter Anderson (whose actual name remains unknown). Formed in 2014

The closest thing to recognition that any Initiate endeavor has achieved thus far
is the Twitter account belonging to @IlluminatiMP (insofar as it is being followed by Illuminatiam’s Twitter account that is listed on the Verified Accounts Page).

The Illuminati are watching – but they are not following a single Initiate endeavor!

You Tell Us!

We are not privy to the activities of all 59K plus registered Initiates in the Member’s Portal… Initiates are encouraged to share the Illuminati focused projects, endeavors, and organizations they have started, or in the process of setting up. We want to make sure to mention / cover all of the projects and endeavors the Illuminatiam community is working on!

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