From the moment it was announced that we intended to “create something different” with Project-Illuminati (different from what we saw our fellow Illuminatiam doing) we had Haters!

    • Individuals that think we should adopt their particular opinions and perspectives instead of having or sharing our own.
    • Individuals who think that “we should” or that “we need to be” following the particular individual they have chosen to be a shepherd (or guide) in their life.
    • Individuals giving unsolicited opinions as to how or why they think we should not be selling shirts, trying to raise funds or awareness for humanitarian endeavors, or bother trying to create a Legacy Fund / Endowment for our fellow Illuminatiam.

We haven’t a clue as to why these individuals are so dead set
against our intentions to do good in the world…

But, as the Illuminati have said, “when you choose a different path, you invite the scorn of those around you who lack the courage to pursue their own goals. A person moves to step higher on the pyramid and the hands of those below them reach to pull them back. Their voices demand to know why you must be different.”

100% of the proceeds
from our branded merchandise
help fund humanitarian projects that we
support and to creating an Initiate Legacy Fund


Additional proceeds (from advertising, affiliate programs, special promotions, and direct donations) help support our enterprise, as well as provide philanthropic awards to other social enterprises & charitable projects within the ILLUMINATIAM community.

This ‘Giving Back’ is one of the motivating factors that prompted us to create our venture in the first place!

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