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Human; He is the supreme being among living things, created by Allah with perfect features and equipment. Man's ability to reason and think makes him superior to other living things. For this reason, it will not be difficult for a person who understands his own worth...

A Slow Build

We started out calling this an online magazine. Except that it wasn’t (not really / not yet). It’s wasn’t an online newspaper either, but it was definitely more than a just blog or simple newsletter. For now we’ll stick to the terms “social enterprise” and “online publication” while we continue to build and grow it.

Our Artist’s Shop on Threadless

When we first considered offering branded merchandise as a vehicle to fund the humanitarian endeavors we support - we were only looking to find a reliable platform to host our shop. We chose Threadless to host our designs. Over time we have continued to look at a...

Initiate Endeavors: Not An Official Resource

Project-Illuminati is just one item on a growing list of endeavors and enterptises that Initiates of Illuminatiam have begun. Initiate endeavors are not listed on the Verified Accounts page of because they are things that Initiates have taken...

Oh my! we have haters

From the moment it was announced that we intended to "create something different" with Project-Illuminati (different from what we saw our fellow Illuminatiam doing) we had Haters! Individuals that think we should adopt their particular opinions and perspectives...

Invitation to join

t seems as though just about everyone (and their cousin) wants to join the Illuminati. And while Illuminatiam explain (in very simple terms) what the process for becoming a member entails - the vast majority of individuals still haven't got a clue...

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