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Our website is currently undergoing a redesign

We're Building A Social Enterprise!

From the beginning we envisioned Project-Illuminati as an 'online publication'.
We wanted to create a platform that would allow us to write about all the wonderful things that our fellow members of Illuminatiam were doing and accomplishing. We're hoping that our publication inspires readers to greater things. At the very least we hope you are intrigued enough to see what it is about.

But what is it exactly? Is it a blog? An online magazine (or what)?
We started out calling it an online magazine - but it's not (not quite). It's probably more of a blog, but we envision becoming so much more.. At this moment is is still a work in progress. 


We're also building a different kind of community for Initiates and members

V and followers have created their own thriving community, where Initiates who are struggling to understand Illuminati messages (and figure out where they might fit in) can congregate to help one another learn. They've begun a 'mentoring program' of sorts where Initiates can learn things from other initiates - and help C22 market their groups and increase their reach. If you are happy and content within this community - then that is where you should stay. 

But what about Initiates that don't need anyone's help finding & following the light? What if they don't need the perspective of others to comprehend what Illuminati is all about?. Not every Initiate or Member needs mentoring from other initiates.
And not everyone feels called to serve in that capacity.

We're building a community for those who feel called to other areas of service

Why is it taking so long to develop?

Part of the reason is that life keeps getting in the way.

  • Personal Setbacks: NJM lost her computer to theft while on assignment for one of her clients. It was removed from her luggage during a border crossing. She lost a lot of the work she'd been dong for other client's as well. This adversely affected her ability to generate income for a while

  • Self-Improvement:  both ladies have continued seeking knowledge and improving on themselves. NJM has pretty much been sequestered for the past several months (undergoing spiritual training for the path she follows), and Chandra has begun courses in Nonprofit Management.

  • Health Issues:  Chandra suffers from a condition of the inner ear - it's called Meniere's Syndrome. The endolymph gland in the inner ear becomes enlarged with fluid. - resulting in dizziness and vertigo. Over time the swelling and pressure damage the fine little hairs (or silica) in the ear, resulting in permanent hearing loss.

    In February Chandra underwent a lengthy (7½ hr) operation to remove a brain tumor that had been discovered back in 2005. It was in the 4th ventricle of the brain, and was growing down into the brain stem & spinal column. Prolonged vertigo, visual distortions, extreme nausea and vomiting (to the point she herniated her diaphragm and created tears in the esophagus) were just some of the ongoing symptoms. The surgery was a success and she is healing slowly - but it takes time.

  • The website was hit twice by hackers:  There wasn't much we could do the first time around. We dug deep and came up with the fee for firewall protection and complete file and database backup service - and then proceeded to rebuild the site (again). When we got hacked a 2nd time - the website restore allowed us to get it back online in 72hrs.

    Except that while it was getting 'restored' - Chandra accidentally deleted the entire database (not just some of the info). And it happened like the day before she was scheduled to be out of town for couple weeks.


Taking advantage of the site being down - we are doing a redesign as we rebuild.



We're building something different and are looking to fill a few specific roles at this time
We're not looking for those chasing after the 'IN Crowd" because we're building something different!




We've had offers of assistance from Initiates (just wanting to volunteer in general) and from various individuals who have begun their own project or initiative (offering to provide volunteers and assistance - if we would bring Project-Illuminati under the 'greater umbrella' of what they are doing).

We politely decline.


Illumination: The First Testament of the Illuminati





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