A Working EnvironmentWho We Are and What We Do

Project-Illuminati is an online publication, a social enterprise that provides useful resources, and content developed and curated to help our members achieve a “next level mindset.

Our mission is to help the Illuminati secure the survival, preservation, and advancement of the human race. to achieve that, our community provides high-value and insightful content and article developed and curated to open people to truth and illuminate minds. help transform lives, and birth greatness.

The content of our publication is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of Illuminati philosophy and ideals. The core purpose of our social enterprise is to contribute positively to society. We utilize proceeds from the sales of branded merchandise, advertisements, affiliate links, and direct donations to fund humanitarian endeavors and towards building a philanthropic legacy fund to benefit members of the Illuminatiam community.
Three main values of our brand are:  Inspiration, Integrity, Leadership. 

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WE FOLLOW THE ILLUMINATI! Our founders, members of the publication team, key staff, and volunteers are all registered Initiates & Members of Illuminati. We are part of a greater collective of individuals within the Illuminati organization.

If you are interested in joining the Illuminati and/or learning about them,
then we direct you to THEIR website at

Our Story

An informed mind is a powerful mind! Useful information at the right time is a powerful tool that is capable of changing your path. Useful information is the key that opens doors in our lives. A person in need seeks out the wisdom to improve their mental state and well being.  This is true for all aspects of life; useful information will lead you to your optimum path.

Project-Illuminati is just such an initiative, it is an actualization of an endeavor by NJM and Chandra Wood, who set out (in march of 2018) to create an online publication that would open people to truth and illuminate minds, help transform lives, and birth greatness.
This is our dream, and our project!

We want to help the Illuminati to secure the survival, preservation, and advancement of our species (the human species) as a whole.

Mahatma Ghandi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. The humanitarian endeavors we undertake fall under Maslov’s Hierarchy of Basic Needs (water, food, shelter, and air) . The philanthropic and educational endeavors will provide training in basic job skills, website development, social entrepreneurism, and leadership skills to the 47,000 plus (and growing) community of Initiates registered at Illuminati.mp under the auspices of IlluminatiOfficial.org.

The Illuminatiam community constitutes the initial outreach base for connecting with thousands (to millions) of individuals who desire to deepen their awareness, and also encourage our fellow Initiates and Followers to seek knowledge and align with the greater purpose espoused by the Illuminati. The only power which can illuminate you is your own mind. No other mind can enlighten you if your mind insists to remain in darkness! Project-Illuminati delivers consistent direction in a movement that is shaping the future of humanity for better.

Meet the Team

Individuals with vision and purpose

Nomathemba J. Mothibi

Nomathemba J. Mothibi

Executive Director / cofounder

NJM has extensive background in journalism & social administration. She provides Marketing & Brand Management, and Event Management services via her own small company (NJM Enterprises).

Earlier in life NJM was a member of the military in her country of South Africa. However  Leaving that behind – she has undergone extensive training as a spiritual leader. You can find her listed on social media under the persona of Queen LWAZ.

Chandra Wood

Chandra Wood

Executive Director / cofounder

Chandra holds a bachelor’s in physical science and taught cultural dance for a number of her adult years. And avid bluewater sailor, she’s has traveled extensively (Central & South America).

Chandra earns her income by providing website design & graphics services to independent authors and small businesses. But she much prefers to leverage her skills as a Life Coach and Content Creator to impact and motivate others.

Luke Severyn

Luke Severyn

Administrative Director

Luke has been an invaluable member of the Project-Illuminati team, (serving in an unofficial advisory capacity) for several years) before being named as our Administrative Director.
Luke is one of three Admins managing our social media groups, He also helps oversee a number of activities for the publication and social enterprise itself.

As a single father, Luke’s top priortiy is the growth and well being of his three children.

Koinonia Yn-ofynnol

Koinonia Yn-ofynnol

Gatekeeper and Social Media Moderator

Referred to simply as Ky by friends and colleagues. Ky prefers to maintain anonymity in her position as head Gatekeeper for Project-Illuminati.
Ky makes her way through life providing music and security services to a variety of private and exclusive clubs in Louisiana